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Colleen Cook.

Just like everyone else, I tried almost all the current diet and exercise programs. I felt like a yo-yo, losing 20 pounds and then gaining back 40 pounds. When I hit 280 pounds I started giving up. My weight escalated to 320 pounds and I could barely walk around the block or climb a flight of stairs. Both activities would have me out of breath! I felt like surgery was my last chance.

A lot of people think it’s the easy way out, however it is anything but! The first 6 months I had to make many adjustments and did not feel great. Once 6 months passed, the weight dropped off quicker than any previous diet. The weight rapidly came off which continued to motivate me. I then began to increase my exercise program. Each time I hit a plateau, I made an adjustment or increased my exercise routine.

My daily walks eventually turned into light jogging which led to running!  Now my routine entails running 6 miles 6 days a week. I do 700 sit-ups along with 700 leg lifts (each leg). I now work out with weights 2-3 times a week. 

I set a few personal goals for myself. There were running event’s I wanted to participate in. So far I have completed 7 Peachtree Road Races, 9 half marathons and 5 full marathons. I am now in training for my sixth full marathon.

I have my bariatric support group leader certification, which qualifies me to lead support groups. My doctor/surgeon (Dr. J.K. Champion) asked me over a year ago to lead his support group (affiliated with Northside Hospital). I also fill in at another local support group if the bariatric coordinator is sick or out of town. Attending a support group is one of the most important tools to achieving success.

The past nine years have motivated me to pursue my new career which is to help others figure out which bariatric surgery to have (or not have). There are pros and cons to each one. Bariatric life coaching is not therapy. It is a process that allows each individual to find their own answers. We can also provide you information as to what to expect after surgery as well as helping you with your day to day progress. I truly enjoy motivating and coaching others to finding balance and succeeding in their weight loss journey.  I’m thankful for many things;  Most of all for being alive and healthy!

  1. -Tina Cowen

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